Japonica Cottage dig, 29 Oct 2011


Account by TARG member

The exploratory Dig at Japonica Cottage started at 10am.  A number of holes from the last dig were still open and digging teams from the last dig continued work on these.  However a new team of four opened a meter square hole at the north east end of the plot, bounded on the south east by a boundary brook and on the north west by a new waste water ditch.  Just under and mixed with the turf was a layer of varied Ticknall pottery, fairly densely distributed.  Then digging to a depth of 34cm through soil and hard packed clay lumps revealed a random and varied selection of bases, rims and body (some large) all of Ticknall pottery sparsely scattered, also two clay pipe bowls (c 1670-1740).
  Cleaning the sides revealed a rising layer of clay from right to left, looking north east, laced with a scattering of coal. The general opinion of this exploratory hole was a low mound of discarded clay lumps, broken pottery and traces of coal. The hole was then photographed with grid in place. Plastic sheeting was placed in the bottom and back filled, replacing the turf on top.

Work on the site finished at approx 3.30pm.  Others had different interpretations depending on the evidence revealed by their digging.  A worthwhile exploratory dig on a little known site.

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