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There are a number of interesting landscape features around the Ticknall area that we want to record.  changes in farming and land use inevitably mean that they get erased.  Some good examples of pre-Enclosure ridge and furrow survive.

Standleys Barn Meadow.   In the 19th century Standleys Barn Meadow was used by the Harpur Crewes, the owners of the Calke Abbey estate, as the pasture for finishing their cattle prior to marketing them.  An irrigation system ensured high quality grass all year round.

A detailed resistivity survey was carried out on the meadow by group members under the direction of Keith Foster.  It showed possible lines for the irrigation system and other features.  Group members carried out dowsing surveys over the same area.  The entry and exit routes for the water were located, and the embankments around two sides.  The entry route was traced back to its original header pond in Archers Alders at White Hollows Farm.  Breaks in the delivery system from later water diversions were found.   The likely date of construction was researched.  The report could be used to direct a future archaeological dig.

A report has been produced which is available for £6, free to TARG members. Contact

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