Summary of Past Activities

 Tree recording
        Fieldwalking finds sorting
         Pot drawing

     Meal at the Wheel

    Resistivity in Ticknall Churchyard
    Visit to Sinai House, Burton on Trent, a U shaped timber framed building, partly restored
    Walks through Ticknall village and Ashby - Day school follow up
    Day school on 'How to read houses' with practical follow up sessions in Ticknall and Ashby
Nottingham Archaeology and Local History Festival
Calke village and landscape walk
    Tree recording   
    Fieldwalking finds sorting
    Pot drawing
   AGM followed by a talk by Dave Barrett, Derbyshire County Archaeologist, on 'The Archaeology of Derbyshire'.

Meal at the Wheel
Excavations at Springfield Farm and 28 High Street
Nottingham Local History and Archaeology Day
     Visit to Stoke Pottery Museum
     Local history walks
Field walking
Pot labeling
Pot drawing
 followed by a talk by Rachael Hall, the National Trust Archaeologist for the East Midland on ‘The Dovedale Hoard’.
   Meal at the Wheel
     Festival of Archaeology and Ticknall Methodist Church Bi-Centenary celebrations - an exhibition of Ticknall pottery
     Nottinghamshire Archaeology Day at Nottingham University
     Calke Archaeology Live - a display of some of the items we've found on NT land
    Village landscape recording - measuring the village
     Walks on Knowle Hill Fields
     Finds sorting from excavations and fieldwalking
     Pot drawing
     Tree recording

Walks on Derby Hills and in the Limeyards
Roman pottery study day
Calke Archaeology days, excavation at Home Farm
Abortive dig at Callens Lane Barn in May
Dig at Staunton Lane End May-Sept
Study day at Lincoln Cathedral on medieval symbolism
Dig at Church Lane in November
Lots of pot washing and recording, and pot drawing
Landscape research – measuring the village – postponed due to the weather – to be re-scheduled

Fieldwalking - 2 fields walked
Walks on Derby Hills and in the Limeyards, part cancelled due to weather
Training Excavation at Heath End – pot washing, recording etc etc
Excavation at Narrow Lane in November, pot washing etc etc
Calke Archaeology Days in August were taken up with a dig in the field at Home Farm, site of earlier buildings.
Old handwriting study day
Maps study day

Flint day – a repeat of this popular activity and more on fieldwalking finds by Gary of APS
Fieldwalking –1 field part walked due to weather
Landscape Recording – dowsing and surveying of water meadow system at Standleys Barn

Resistivity  survey of the Hen Coop field at Standleys Barn and subsequent excavation
Took part in Calke Archaeology week by completing a resistivity survey of Owens Yard at Home Farm Calke where there were buildings on a 1761 map, and TARG display in the Riding School.
Dig at St Brides, Stanton by Bridge

Walk on the boundaries
Talk on the garden at Southwood House, followed by a resistivity survey and excavation in December.
Pottery Study Day at Sharpe’s Pottery

Pottery Study day at Derby Museum
Newsletters – 2 produced


Resistivity survey on Peats Close
Dig – Test pits dug in Peats Close – a known pottery production site, pot washing, sorting, recording etc.
Fieldwalking - 2 more fields walked in 3 sessions and one other part walked

Flint day – learning about how to recognise and how to make flint tools with Bill Bee
TARG display for Calke Archaeology Day in the Riding School

Newsletter – 1 produced during the year
Walks – 2 done during the year
Dig – 2 sessions of test pits at Japonica Cottage, pot washing, sorting recording etc.


Digs at Ivy Leigh (March and August)
Pottery identification day, washing, sorting and recording sessions
Archaeological drawing days (2) and subsequent one evening monthly in Ticknall Village Hall, still ongoing.
Fieldwalking training and fieldwalking 3 more fields, washing, sorting and recording finds
Walks –

- Ticknall's Little Field
- Historic Landscape of Southwood
- Limeyards

Open Days – at Ivy Leigh, 2 in Festival of Archaeology Fortnight and 2 in the September Heritage Open Days
TARG display for Calke Archaeology Day in the Riding School

Visits to kiln by several groups.
Website set up

Newsletters – 2 produced with HLF money
APS did magnetometry survey of 4 possible pot production sites.


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