Publicity and Displays


Professional reports have been provided by APS as part of the HLF funded project.  Copies have been deposited at the County Archaeologist's office, Derby Museum, DAS and the Magic Attic.  We also hold copies with TARG.

TARG publications result from work done entirely by the group.  Copies are deposited with the relevant authorities and can be purchased from TARG at £6 plus p&p.


Spavold, J., (ed): Test Pits at Peats Close, Ticknall, Derbyshire (2012).

Spavold, J., (ed): A Nineteenth Century Irrigated Meadow at Standleys Barn Farm, Ticknall, Derbyshire (2012).
Spavold, J., (ed): Test Pits at Japonica Cottage, Ticknall, Derbyshire  (2012)

Foster, B., (ed):   An archaeological investigation of the garden and Hen Coop Close at Standley's Barn Farm (2013)

Spavold, J. (ed):  Fieldwalking in Ticknall. Derbyshire, 2009-2012 

Reports on the following sites have been received from Dr Anne Irving and are available for members to borrow:
The Pottery from Site 18, Tatsall Fee, Ticknall, Derbyshire
The Pottery from Site 20, Ley Farm, Heath End


Budge, D., (ed):  Excavation of and 18th Century Pot Kiln at Ley Farm, Heath End (2013)

 Information Boards have been placed in Ticknall Village Hall car park and in the Market Place, near the Arch.

Talks -  Sue Brown and Janet Spavold give very interesting talks for various organisations, on request.


Festival of Archaeology and Ticknall Methodist Church Bi-Centenary celebrations -  an exhibition of Ticknall pottery and history of Ticknall Methodist Church.                        

Nottinghamshire Archaeology Day - This has become an annual event at the University, where TARG is invited to have a stand,.  Plenty of room for a large display of our most interesting finds, and lots of enthusiastic visitors.
The university has a very good collection of local pottery and an interesting modern museum which was also well worth a visit.
Calke Archaeology Day
In 2013 we dug test pits on the site of old Calke village, under the supervision of the area National Trust archaeologist.
These excavations were continued in Calke Archaeology Week 2014.
In 2015 we had a display of artefacts we've found on NT land.
Hartshorne Diamond Jubilee Celebrations included an exhibition of Ticknall Pottery.
The Ivy Leigh site was open as an event for Heritage Week 2010 and also for the Festival of Archaeology Fortnight, run by the Council for British Archaeology (CBA), when we had well over 100 visitors of all ages and all walks of life, including a geologist, a stonemason/sculptor and a potter amongst them, and whose input was really interesing and useful to us.  We also had a visit from Radio Derby. As well as the excavation there was a display of Ticknall pottery, not only from Ivy Leigh, but from other sites around the village and information boards about the history of pottery and also village items.

There have been numerous additional 'open days' for organisations and for individuals.

A bit of help from Time Team on Scarecrow Weekend!

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